Beatstalkers rain coloured roses - Kingbee Records Shop in Manchester - 1960s Beat records on.

Ready Steady Go: The Weekend Starts Here! (Associated-Rediffusion)(1961-66) (Associated-Rediffusion for ITV Network UK Fridays)(1961-66)(rock/pop music) Whole Story of Famous Kinema Ballroom in Dunfermline (now its 78 th Year!) Kingbee Records Shop Chorlton Manchester collectable Sixties 1960 s music on vinyl 7 inch 12 LP records sold archive 45vinylvidivici encyclopaedia french pressings (ep & sp) releases of foreigns artists. net 22566 pictures sleeves () discographies non. 1955-1975 ENCYCLOPAEDIA FRENCH PRESSINGS (EP & SP) RELEASES OF FOREIGNS ARTISTS